Malin Henriksson and Päivi Jusso will be blogging about their experiences during the trip. Photo: Erica Long

Teacher exchange with Hanoi

Published: 13 November 2014

On November 17, Malin Henriksson and Päivi Juuso are going to Vietnam for three weeks teaching at Hanoi Medical University. In the spring, two teachers from the university in Hanoi will come here to provide education at Luleå University of Technology.

– This is a way to expand the international perspective in each other's teaching, says Associate Professor Päivi Juuso.

Malin and Päivi will teach ten hours a week in the subjects of Qualitative Methods and Home Health Care on the international nursing program at Hanoi Medical University.

– It is a request on their part, and we will use knowledge and experiences from our own research, says Päivi Juuso.

– It will be interesting to meet the students, interact with them and hear what questions they have, continues Malin Henriksson, lecturer and international coordinator.

Benefit both universities

It is the first time the Department of Nursing at the Department of Health Sciences has a teacher exchange within the Linnaeus-Palme program.

It started in January 2013 when Malin Henriksson, Siv Söderberg and Lisa Skär went to Hanoi to explore the possibilities for a cooperation, and in June the same year, two representatives came here to Luleå university of technology.

The conclusion was that a teacher exchange would benefit both universities and now an authorized appropriations from the Linnaeus-Palme have made the cooperation possible. Linnaeus-Palme is an international exchange program who contribute to long-term cooperation between universities in Sweden and universities in developing countries. The aim is to increase the internationalization of Swedish higher education.

Hoping for expanding cooperation

During the stay they will discuss pedagogical issues and a way to continue the collaboration.

– We hope that we will inspire a partnership with the goal of student exchanges, says Päivi Juuso.

The new knowledge and experience, they will use in their own teaching with the students, but they will also lecture at international meetings, department meetings, and even writing a blogging during the trip. To follow their blog, see the link below.


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