Two cars had collided and many were injured in the scenario adopted for the exercise.

Dramatic exercise for health care students

Published: 3 April 2014

A crash involving several injuries, was the dramatic scenario when about fifteen students attending specialist nursing undertook a major exercise in conjunction with the emergency services in Luleå on April 4. Students were, for example, to train themselves on leading the work at the accident site.

accident exercise LTU
How damaged is the car driver, you have to make quick and accurate judgments to injured taken care of in the correct order.

The students took turns to act wounded and medical personnel.

Those who participated in the exercise outside House of Technology on campus training to ambulance nurse or critical care nurse.

-It's not often that happens major accidents so it's good to get practice in this way. Not least to get to practice to work with the emergency services, said Emelie Yllenius, which will be the ambulance nurse.

Emergency services including cut up one of the crashed cars and lifted out injured.

-There are many elements to consider when this kind of accident, it is good to see it so you are prepared when it is in earnest, says Emelie Yllenius.

accident exercise LTU
Emergency services cuts the car body panel to remove the roof.