Stefan Sävenstedt, new professor of nursing. Photo: Erica Long

New professor cares about elderly people

Published: 1 October 2014

Stefan Sävenstedt has existed within the walls of the Department of Health Sciences for 10 years. His experience as a teacher, researcher and work at the Norrbotten County Council makes him a great resource for the development of education and research.

The step to a professor is not so great for Stefan Sävenstedt. For several years, he has been Assistant Professor of Nursing. He is currently finalizing an international project in collaboration with the Norrbotten County Council, where he looks at the development of support for people with dementia in rural areas. It is a two year project in which he has worked with researchers in Scotland, the Faroe Islands and Norway.

When the project is finished, he takes on the professor coat full time and will continue to work for the development of university nursing programs, apply for research funding and supervise graduate students.

– Sure it's fun to receive recognition, but it also means more responsibility. My motivation is to help others and to develop our research. As a professor I want to continue the cooperation with county and municipality, says Stefan Sävenstedt.

Unique technology project on dementia

To work with older people is Stefan's specialty. He also works in a European research project in which he looks at how technology can help to understand those who are far advanced in their dementia and is acting out.

Recently, Stefan Sävenstedt along with three researchers from the Department of Health, got 2.7 million from the Vårdstiftelsen for another project. The research project is a continuation of the ongoing research, and now they will study how sensors can be used to better understand people with behavioral- and psychiatric disorders associated with dementia. It is a unique project in an area where there are few similar projects in the world.

- We were very pleasantly surprised because it's hard to get money. We see it as a confirmation of what we have thought is right, and others are of the same opinion.