Terese Bondas is a professor at the University of Bodø in Norway. At the same time, she is a visiting professor at Luleå University and will include work on collaborative research.

Increased patient safety goals for research

Published: 27 March 2014

Terese Bondas, researcher and professor in health sciences (sykepleievitenskap) at the University of Nordland in Bodø in Norway is new visiting professor at Luleå University of Technology.
She will be working with a joint Swedish-Norwegian-Finnish research projects that focus on patient safety in elderly care, from a leadership perspective.

-There are major shortcomings in patient safety today, and one reason is that health care managers need to better understand the needs of the elderly and the development of evidence-based care. We want to highlight the need for education leaders, says Terese Bondas.

The goal of this research is to provide managers tools for monitoring patient safety.

An application for a three-year funding of the research project has been submitted to the Norwegian Research Council.

-We await answers on the application in May this year, says Terese Bondas.

Terese Bondas live in Vaasa, Finland.

She will initially be visiting professor of Lulea for six months part-time, while she is a professor of Bodo.

-I'm a worker bee of great stature, says Terese Bondas.

In addition to working with collaborative research, she will teach and participate in the training of researchers at the Department of Health.