Increased interest in studying abroad

Published: 15 September 2014

For the second time is an International night at Department of Health organized. About 50 students took the opportunity to listen to other students talk about their experiences abroad.
– It was a very successful evening and more students want to study in another country, says Malin Henriksson, international coordinator at the Department of Health Scienes.

Students from all programs and semesters from the Department of Health were in place during the International evening. Even a number of distance education students listened via a link.
– The goal is to increase the interest in study abroad and present the possibilities. The best way to do this is to let the students tell other students, says Malin Henriksson.

Lotten Gustafsson, physiotherapy program, was featured on the direct link from her hotel room in Hanoi, Vietnam. She has only been in place for a few days and talked about culture shock and how it is to step into a whole other world. Lotten also blogs about her experiences and thoughts. See the link below.

Peter Tängman.jpg

Important experiences

Petter Tängman is a nursing student and went in term 4 to Bodo, Norway, for a month. He did his practisecourse Care for the elderly at a nursing home where he experienced other routines and practices.
- I can imagine working in Norway because I like the way they work. Take the opportunity to go away. It's worth it.

Visitors could also take part stories from Spain and Stockholm on a direct link. Carolina Ringertz studied the physiotherapy program at Luleå University and got her dream job at the Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital, Stockholm, thanks to her experiences abroad. She wrote her thesis in Liberia and after graduation, she went to Cambodia as a volunteer.
– It is experiences that are appreciated by employers. They see that you are a person who wants to develop and is independent. Experiencing the situation in another country means you have an understanding of different people's sufferings, while learning to work with the resources available, says Carolina Ringertz.

New contacts are made

Carina Lomgren is responsible for a course where students are able to do implement the course abroad. Her view is that the experiences enriches students, both in their studies and at a personal level.
– I have the privilege to take part of the students' experiences, while student exchanges enables me as a teacher to make connections with faculties at universities abroad to develop partnerships.

During the evening, questions were asked and Malin Henriksson experienced a genuine interest from the participants.
– I also got questions during the break, and has booked a number of meetings. The evening clearly has a spinoff effect and the interest to study abroad has increased.

Victoria Bäckvik.jpg

Victoria Bäckvik,
physiotherapist term 5

- I went there to get inspiration for the future. It was great fun and inspiring to hear what other students have done. I would like to work abroad, either as a volunteer or through other opportunities. Since I'm from Finland I did my internship there in the spring and got to experience what a tremendous exchange of ideas and challenges to get to work in another country.

Erik Arvidsson.jpg

Erik Arvidsson,
Nurse term 1

- I myself have thoughts of taking off. It's a great way to see how it works in the rest of the world while combining business with pleasure. I have previously been to New Zealand and met with Canadian students who have made an exchange semester, so I know it's going to go there.