Rolf Lantto is a well-liked teacher. Here he teaches students in the occupational therapy program.

Rolf Lantto nominated for Teacher of the Year 2014

Published: 9 April 2014

Rolf Lantto, lecturer at the Department of Health, has been nominated for Teacher of the Year in 2014 by Luleå student union.
Three candidates are vying for the award.
They were selected from among 16 teachers suggested by students from the Faculty of Philosophy.

- We have taken out three we will interview further . One of them will be the Teacher 2014. We expect it to be ready before the end of April , says Melinda Rydell , vice chairman of Lulea student union.

Rolf Lantto had been nominated by three students.

" Weighed heavily "

- We thought that weighed heavily . Then Rolf is very good at teaching, he's very educational , he is always available , basically around the clock , said Melinda Rydell.

Rolf Lantto belongs to the Department of Medical Sciences and teaches in the occupational therapy program , nursing and physiotherapy program in basic anatomy , physiology and radiology .

Not the first time

It's not the first time Rolf is in the race for the award Teacher of the Year . Last year he was one of four candidates who went ahead in the nomination process .

Besides Rolf Lantto are two teachers at the School of Business Administration, Technology and Society nominated for Teacher of the Year 2014 , Tim Foster and Jens Nilsson, according to Melinda Rydell.

Teacher of the Year 2013 was Olle Hage, a lecturer at the Department of Economics , Technology and Society.