Gunvor Gard has written about the importance of psychological factors in rehabilitation in his chapter in the new book.

Great international interest in MMR and psychological factors

Published: 20 February 2014

Luleå researcher Gunvor Gard has written a highly downloaded chapter in a new book about the opportunities and challenges in physical therapy in the 2000s.
More than 1,500 downloads have been made, most from the U.S., UK, China, Sweden and India.

The new book (Physical Therapy Perspectives in the 21st Century - Challenges and Possibilities) has been published by Intech, an international scientific publisher with publications via the web.

Gunvor Gard chapter These include the importance of psychological factors and body awareness in the rehabilitation of people. She also writes about the so-called multimodal rehabilitation (MMR).

Why do you think your chapter become so much downloaded?

-It's partly this with MMR, it is fairly new and it has not been worked so much with that in other countries, and I think that's what I write about psychological factors in, says Gunvor Gard.

-Psychological factors have not had a prominent role in physical therapist education in Europe, it has been more medically oriented, she says.

The title of Gunvor Gard chapter is Focus on Psychological Factors and Body Awareness in Multimodal Musculoskeletal Pain Rehabilitation.
The book with Gunvor Gard chapter can be downloaded via the link below.