Studying temporary and permanent staff nurses

Published: 24 November 2014

Researchers at Luleå University is conducting a study of working conditions for temporary and regular nurses' and how the working conditions are affected as the share of agency workers is increasing.

2013  the majority of the counties in Sweden increased their cost for agency staff. Luleå researchers Asa Engstrom and Anna Berg Jansson, conduct an interdisciplinary pilot study of how permanent and contract personnel and operations in general, are affected when the rental of personnel increases.

- Studies of the situation of temporary specific and qualified professionals, such as nurses are missing today, says Åsa Engström. We are now going to study if the tasks differs between permanent and temporary nurses, reasons why people choose to work as hired, which of the both employers are responsible for further education of temporary nurses etc.

For employers in health care the pressure to be able to provide good working conditions for both nurses who are permanent employees and temporary agency nurses are increasing.

– When hiring of nurses is increasing, it is important to find out how the working conditions for both regular and temporary workers are affected and what new demands placed on the organization of work, says Anna Berg Jansson. Being a nurse is a qualified job where team work is important and where the requirements to be there for patients and families are high. With temporary workers it is likely that needs, for example, for clear procedures and good introduction periods is more important.

The results of the pilot study are presented in  spring 2015. The pilot study is based on an interdisciplinary collaboration between the research fields of work science and nursing  around the work organization, working conditions and performance of nursing.

Tied to the  research group are also researchers Karolina Parding and Inger Lindberg.The research is conducted within the University's strong research and innovation area Effective innovation and organization.