The nursing profession attracts many who want to get an education that leads to jobs. Christer Kågström answered many questions about the course.

Health in focus at the fair for peope looking for work

Published: 12 March 2014

The jobs are in the health sector, and the path to them is via education, was the message at a trade show in Luleå, which was organized by the Employment Service on March 11.
Luleå University participated and a steady stream of visitors were seeking information about health education, many of whom were newly arrived Swedes.

Job Fair LTU
How do you become a nurse? Christer Kågström has the answer.

-I have worked as a nurse in Russia and want to work like this too.

-I know there is great need for nurses, says Masha Ivanova.

Christer Kågström, Ariel Almevall and Gunhild Glanberg Persson, a teacher at the Nursing answered the questions.

Asked us to focus

-We're talking mostly about nurse educiation,  the Employment Service asked us to focus on it because it is so large lack of  nurses. But if anyone asks, we leave even information about occupational therapy and physiotherapy program, says Christer Kågström.

Rolf Olsson, industry strategist at the Employment Service's region of Norrbotten, Västerbotten, says that it is within the care sector workforce needs will be greatest in the not too distant future.

-It's not the mining industry which will have the greatest difficulty finding staff, he says.

The fair was held in the house of culture where job seekers from all over Norrbotten invited.

Initiated calls

Ariel Almevall had stationed themselves among the passers-by and initiated conversations with many designed to transport them up to the university's board.

Sandra Johansson, jobseekers from Lulea, got answers to their questions by Gunhild Glanberg Persson.

-I like to work in healthcare and I think enough to submit an application to the nursing program. Then we'll see, says Sandra.

-You can apply with the score, but we recommend everyone to also make the university entrance exam and search on it. This increases the chance to get into because you are looking at two sample groups, says Christer Kågström.

Job Fair LTU
Fadumo Aweys Said, 23, from Somalia are considering nursing.
Job Fair LTU
Gunhild Glanberg Persson shared her long experience of being a nurse. It;s a really fun profession, she says.
Job Fair LTU
Ariel Almevall made many people stop to ask questions.