Gwen Jull from Australia's world-leading researchers in physical therapy, but even experienced practitioners. When she visited Luleå University she shared with her knowledge to the students in the master class.

World leading researcher in pain rehab new guest professor at LTU

Published: 21 March 2014

Gwen Jull, a world leading researcher within physiotherapy and an authority on neck pain, including whiplash injuries and head ache, becomes guest professor at Luleå University of Technology (LTU).
-This is fantastic, her experience and knowledge will make an important contribution to our development within education and research, says Ulrik Röijezon, researcher in physiotherapy at the Department of Health Sciences.

Gwen Jull is professor at University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, which research within physiotherapy has had a large impact on the view of rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain disorders in the western world.

The Australian authority has about 250 scientific publications. Gwen Jull has also written several books within her research area.

”Very satisfying

-It is very satisfying to see how our work with building our Human Health and Performance LAB and our Master course within Orthopedic Manual Therapy (OMT) has contributed to our successful recruiting of a world leading researcher form the other side of the world to Luleå University of Technology, says Peter Michaelson, researcher in physiotherapy.

Gwen Jull FT-6.jpg
Gwen Jull has affected the West;s approach to rehabilitation of pain in muscles and joints.

Gwen Jull visited Luleå in the middle of March to discuss strategies for the Physiotherapy education and research programs at LTU.

During one and a half day she lectured over 35 students at the four year Master course in physiotherapy with specialization in OMT, as well as physiotherapists from Norrbotten.

The students, who were clinically working physiotherapist with several years of experience, highly appreciated to take part of Gwen Jull’s expertise.

”A real star”

-She is great, says Johan Lindström.

-She is a real star and a raw model when it comes to combine research with clinical skills. She is also one of our most skilled clinician. That is obvious when she demonstrates the various techniques and methods, says Ragnar Faleij, one of the teachers at the Master course.

Gwen Jull’s teaching involves short presentations combined with instructions of practical techniques. During the practical training she moves between the students to instruct and correct the various techniques.

-I have been teaching students for a long time and I like it, says Gwen Jull.

The research within physiotherapy has contributed with important knowledge under a long time, which has been very beneficial for the patients, Gwen Jull states.

Commends Swedish research

-The treatment we give the patients has been much improved during the last years and decades, says Gwen Jull.

She commends the Swedish physiotherapy research.

-It has been done some excellent research regarding neck pain in Sweden and we have learnt important things from Swedish researchers, says Gwen Jull.

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Neck disorders are influenced by many factors.