Jasper In Mason and Christine K Tarr works with nursing education in Liberia.

Want to give Swedish healthcare African knowledge

Published: 3 June 2014

Jasper In Mason and Christine K Tarr, working with nursing education in Liberia are visiting The Department of Health as part of a cooperation project. Jasper The Mason believes that welfare the country Sweden has things to learn from the developing country in Africa.

– You have money and state of the art equipment, but we have experience to share with you that may be of use to you. For example, when it comes to how to support those who suffer from mental illness, he says.

– We know it takes the whole family to be involved in the support for it to work as well as possible, says Jasper In Mason.

Around 30 nurses annually

He is responsible for healthcare education with primary emphasis at Mother Patern College of Health Sciences at the Stella Maris Polytechnic, an institution of higher education in the capital Monrovia.

There are trained annually about 30 nurses.

Christine K Tarr works at the hospital St. Joseph Catholic Hospital and is responsible for the supervision of nursing students during their internship.

Height of understanding

The cooperation between Liberia and Luleå University of Technology was initiated in autumn 2013. Then visited Christer Kågström and Stefan Sävenstedt from the Department of Nursing this small country in West Africa to make connections.

Liberians hope this partnership will give them the height of understanding of education in emergency, ambulance, intensive care and psychiatric nursing.

Fact: The cooperative project with Liberia funded by grants from Linneus-Palme, a program of international exchanges between teachers and students, and money from MFS, a program of field studies in developing countries.