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Awards to students at ice break

Published: 1 June 2015

A number of nursing students to the attention of the closing ceremony at Saturday's Ice. Isabella Alexis O'Rourke and Therese Söderberg was awarded the prize for best thesis in Nursing.

The justification for the nomination is formulated by Stefan Sävenstedt, professor of nursing at Luleå University of Technology.

Isabella Alexis O'Rourke and Therese Söderberg have, during the spring 2015, with great commitment and clear interest in working to implement a thesis / bachelor thesis with titeln- nurse leadership and its impact on nursing. A literature review.

Visible improvements in nursing

The thesis is a literature study with a focus on a very topical area. The theme that the students have chosen to highlight has great importance of the nursing and care designed so that patients and relatives needs can be met. It is well written, very independently implemented and critically reflective. The essay has a good scientific level. The study reveals the need for improvements in the area of ​​practical activity.

Other appointments

The scholarship Boel Nordenström Memorial Fund went to Ann-Helen Fredrick Andersson. Her classmates has appointed Ann-Helen Fredrick Andersson to the scholarship for her interest in the profession as a nurse and because she is a good comrade.

The scholarship Gustav Jansson Memorial Fund went to Johan Hortlund. The Faculty of the Nursing program had appointed Johan Hortlund to this scholarship because he has a special aptitude for the personal care.

Students thanked

Rector John Starte and kårordförande Isaac Utsi held opening speeches and schnapps academy was entertaining while the ceremony leader Åsa Hugosson held in the logistics of the days four farewell rounds.

Nursing students were thanked in the fourth and final round toghether with students from jurisprudence and property brokerage program.

Education Leaders Malin Olsson made a speech to the prospective nurses and lecturers are Gunilla Johansson and Malin Henriksson gave out the awards. Diplomas, LTU needle and nursing brooch was distributed to the 50 nursing students.

Text: Asa Engstrom