Nollorna in place

Published: 17 August 2016

Enrollment, walking tour and the opportunity to get to know their new classmates. The new semester 2016 at Luleå University of Technology, finally kicked off!

The queues were long when it was time for the enrollment of the new students at Luleå University of Technology. One of them was Paulina Nilsson from Stockholm, who will study Industrial Design Engineering.

– It feels exciting and a little bit nervous. And cold! she says, referring to the somewhat modest temperature outside.

Photo: Kersti Bergkvist

Support in the start

The skies may be gray, but not the mood of the students and their cicerones; phösarna. In overalls, sunglasses and with fictitious names, giving the students a secure start at the university.

– Our main task is to guide "nollorna" into the student life here in Luleå. That means everything from having fun to how to behave as a student, says the student with the name Sten.



Photo: Melina Granberg

Paulina Nilsson, Stockholm, Industrial Design Engineering

– It feels exciting and a little bit nervous. And cold! I chose my education because it seems fun to combine maths and estetics.

Photo: Melina Granberg

Sara Andersson, Norrtälje and Fanny Blixt, Stockholm, Computer Science and Engineering

– It feels a little nervous with a new city, new school and new people. But it seems like a good university, I have heard very good things about the university, says Fanny Blixt.

– It feels good to start over in a new place, says Sara Andersson.

Viktor Prints, Falun, rymdteknik

Viktor Printz, Falun, Space Engineering

– It feels good and a little nervous, but I look forward to getting to know new people.