Anita Melander Wikman och Sari-Anne Wiklund
Anita Melander Wikman and Sari-Anne Wiklund are researchers in physiotherapy and have experience of conducting research with older people. Photo: Erica Lång View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Great interest to participate in health research

Published: 5 October 2016

Older people's participation is a prerequisite for successful research and development. It was the theme of the lecture attended by scientists Sari-Anne Wiklund Axelsson and Anita Melander Wikman.

They are both researchers in physiotherapy at Luleå University and talked about their experiences of doing research with older people and how information technology can evolve to support healthy aging. Interest for lunch lecture was large and Anita Melander Wikman says that for them it was just as important to get the pass from those who were there and listened.

- Many of them were interested in being co-researchers in future projects and we want to be involved early in the planning, she says.

It is also in line with the guidelines that the National Institute for Health Research and the organization Involve developed regarding participation in research.

The audience was also asked if they want to provide feedback on the script for magazines such as the British Medical Journal, where it is important to describe how patients were involved in the research questions, both in terms of design methodology, interpretation of results and implementation in practice.

- They wanted to be asked for similar cooperation with Luleå University of Technology in the health sciences.