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Inspiration Evening for studies abroad

Published: 14 February 2017

Each semester an International evening is held for students at the Department of Health Sciences to inspire and disseminate information on opportunities to study abroad.

During the spring term, lectures were given by both students and teachers who shared their experience of studying abroad and work abroad.

– I was curious to hear what the students who made their clinical training abroad had to tell. It was very interesting and I will check the options when the time is right, says Tatiana Rasmussen, nursing student in semester 2 at Luleå University of Technology.

Ingela Jobe, a doctoral student in Nursing, talked about her experiences working as a midwife and nurse for organizations such as Save the Children, the Red Cross, the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan and the World Health Organization (WHO) in countries as Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Myanmar and Papua New Guinea.

– For me it was important to show the breadth of how a nurse can work in the world.  The experience from other countries is so rewarding. If there is an opportunity to go abroad, I think you should take it, says Ingela Jobe.

Nursing students Lisa Rapp and Indre Spiridonova spoke about their study abroad in the Faroe Islands where they did their clinical training in geriatric care were during term 4.

Teachers Carina Nilsson and Päivi Juuso talked about their experiences of teacher exchanges with Hanoi Medical University, Vietnam. There is an ongoing teacher exchange where teachers visit eachothers universities to teach in the nursing programmes and build a partnership. The goal for the future is to extend the cooperation to include a student exchange.

Previously, two nursing students went to Antiqua, the Caribbean, for their thesis. They had fixed the contacts themselves, and after the trip the contact was formalized when the lecturers Carina Lomgren and Birgitta Lindberg went there on a contact trip for creating a formal partnership.

Carina Lomgren is also the coordinator of the network Nordkvist, where a number of Scandinavian countries and institutions are included. Many students have through Nordkvist completed their clinical training in a Scandinavian country. For more information please contact Carina Lomgren.



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