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Conference inspire the use of digital technology

Published: 4 October 2017

This week, a conference was held at Sunderby Hospital in Norrbotten, Sweden, with the purpose of spreading experiences about how digital technologies can be used in everyday work. At the conference, eight pilot projects presented different working methods using digital technology in Norrbotten. This within the framework of the international EU project RemoAge.

– We have tested new working methods based on technical solutions with the aim of implementation and normalization of the working methods, says Marja-Leena Komulainen, Project Manager for Norrbotten Municipalities in the RemoAge project.

New ways of meeting future challenges

In order to meet the new challenges with an increased need for health care, staff reductions and future assignments, new ways of working are required. The RemoAge project is an international EU project aimed at developing support for frail elderly people living in rural areas by testing new working methods using digital solutions.

During the conference, project managers presented the pilot projects carried out in Norrbotten. The common goals are that older frail people should feel safer, more independent and involved, but also reduce travel time for staff.

– The effects of the pilot projects are that there is a learning exchange between the partners in Norrbotten and participating countries within the RemoAge project. There is also an increased collaboration between healthcare providers, but also between the organisations and IT departments. Knowledge levels in digital technology increase and new work methods are created using digital technology, says Ingela Johansson, Project Manager for the Region Norrbotten in the RemoAge project.

The conference was held during one morning and the same program was given in the afternoon. A total of 110 persons were participating during the day. The lectures were broadcast live and three hospitals and all ten Health Care Center´s in the county participated via video link.

"I'm glad I came here"

Inger Edman Nilsson, representative of the Municipal Retirement Council in Boden, visited the conference because she wanted to learn more about how it works and why the technology should be used.
– I'm afraid and do not want remote health care. But when I hear what they say and think of the digital technology as a complement and that you can choose for your self, that's really great. I understand that they see the possibilities and in sparsely populated areas it is superb. I'm glad I came here.

Photo: Erica Lång

Voice from a boss

Listen to Marika Rissanen-Korpi, Managing Director of Social Administration in Gällivare municipality, talk about the experiences of using ditigal technology, employee´s and patients response and what she thinks about the future.

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