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The pictures are from the first time 5-TEK was held, in the autumn 2017.

Great start for new initiative 5-TEK

Published: 2 November 2017

Experiments, lectures, community and an insight into how it is to study technical educations. The response from the 100 female junior high school students who participated in Luleå University of Technology's new initiative 5-TEK has been great.

– It is a very good way to open up the university and let us explore the available options. It can be hard to know what it means to study engineering educations and what to work with afterwards. I came here with an open mind and now got a clearer picture, says Sara Edman, 17, from Uppsala, who says she has gotten especially interested in the Master Programme in Space Engineering.

Sara is one of the 100 high school students from all over the country who spent three days at Luleå University of Technology as part of 5-TEK, a new initiatve aimed at girls who want to know more about technical educations.

Filled up the places quickly

Earlier this autumn, the University sent out invitations to girls who study the Swedish high school's science and technology programmes. Over 250 notifications from all over the country quickly entered the 100 places.

– The purpose of 5-TEK is to inspire and demonstrate the broad potential of technology studies. More women in the technology industry provide new perspectives and contribute to the development of technology companies, says Susanne Ljunghager, Project Manager at Luleå University of Technology, adding:

– We are very pleased with the great interest and the nice response from the participants in 5-TEK. They particularly point out how rewarding it was to meet other girls who are also interested in technology. We hope to be able to welcome them back as students here within a few years.

During their stay in Luleå, the 5-TEK participants got to learn more about the university. The participants could try various experiments and workshops like how to manufacture electronic jewelry, program games and meltin metals and much more.

"Really gives an insight"

Current students have been involved in planning and organizing 5-TEK, and there have been plenty of opportunities to ask them questions on life as a student.

Elwira Madeling, 17, from Nybro says that before 5-TEK she did not think she would dare to talk to as many as she did.

– To meet students really gives an insight into how it is here, she says.

Wilma Sund, 16, from Lycksele appreciates that 5-TEK has offered an opportunity to meet peers with similar interests.

– Being here and seeing all students definitely makes me feel motivated to raise my grades. Studying the Master Programme in Architectural Engineering seems fun, she says.

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