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Top rated professor teach at the university

Published: 11 October 2017

It is the third time guest professor Gwendolen Jull, Professor Emeritus in Physiotherapy at Queensland University, Australia, visits Luleå University of Technology. During the visit she taught master students and clinical supervisors as well as worked on collaborations in various research projects.

Gwendolen Jull taught about the examination and treatment of neck pain for students in the Master Programme in Physiotherapy, specialisation in Orthopedic Manual Therapy, OMT. It was the third time she was involved in the education at Luleå University of Technology where she updated the participants how research changes the clinical practice.

– The master courses are really good and the students are fantastic. It is a big thing that the university got a Master in OMT and it is great for the physiotherapy in Sweden. It raises the standard of physiotherapy so much when you have clinicians trained on a higher level, says Gwendolen Jull.

Interesting lectures

For the first time, she also held a two-day commissioned education for the clinical supervisors who handle university students in undergraduate education in physiotherapy at their clinical training.

Jörgen Gustavsson works at Hortlax Health Center as a physiotherapist. He took the opportunity to attend the education.

– These days are tough and require a lot, plus the education is in English, but it's incredibly inspiring and interesting lectures endured with practice. It inspires and gives new angles to continue the work with neck patients.

Many of the methods used today for the examination and treatment of neck disorders have been developed and evaluated in various research studies by Gwendolen Jull and her colleagues in Australia.

– It is a great privilege to have a person with her clinical and scientific skills teaching at Luleå University of Technology, says Ulrik Röijezon, Associate Professor of Physical Therapy at Luleå University of Technology.

Research collaboration between three universities

There is an on-going collaboration with the study of muscle activity in deep and superficial neck muscles in different types of neck training. Gwendolen Jull also participate as a supervisor and research colleague in projects involving students at MSC OMT education.

There is also a collaboration in central motor control for the neck and back between Luleå University of Technology, University of Queensland and Chiang Mai University in Thailand, where researchers Julia Treleaven (Australia) and Sureeporn Uthaikhup (Thailand) also cooperate with Ulrik Röijezon and Peter Michaelson at Luleå  University of Technology.

– We are all very interested in in the same area and the advantages of collaboration is that we can collect data from bigger subject numbers and we can claim that it is probably representative for the general population, says Gwendolen Jull.