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Some of the participants in the project group organizing the Nobel Day: Åsa Engström, Professor of Nursing and and newly appointed project leader for the strategic focus area Health, Maria Jansson, Project Manager Innovation and Ehälsa, Irene Vikman, researcher in Physical Therapy and Stina Rutberg, researcher in Physiotherapy. Photo: Katarina Karlsson View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Nobel Day 2018– interesting about future health issues

Published: 19 October 2018

For all you who are interested in the latest in research, science and education in health matters, there is at December 14thfull day of news in those subjects from Luleå University of Technology.

 – We have a really good breadth in lectures, debates and workshops this year, where we present and discuss the health issues of the future from different perspectives, Åsa Engström, says, professor of Nursing at Luleå University of Technology and newly appointed project leader for the strategic focus area Health.

Since one year, the Institute for Health Sciences organizes its own Nobel Day, which is open to all at Luleå University of Technology, Region Norrbotten, Norrbotten Municipalities and private persons.

The program for the Nobel Day November 14 is just all set. Again, the Department of Health Sciences makes an effort to make its most current research and innovation in education accessible to all interested. The theme of the year, Future health issues, also means that workshops and debates have a clear forward look that shows that Luleå University of Technology wants to stay ahead of the field. Not least, the importance of digitization for home care is discussed. A brand new lab, the Activity Lab, which will be ready next year, where just digitization in healthcare from different aspects will be tested, will be presented during the Nobel Day. Another issue raised during the day is how the choice of methods in research affects results from an equality perspective.

Other lectures are about psychiatric care in emergency care, breastfeeding and sleep, promoting child and youth health, everyday rehabilitation, understanding of women with long-term illness, e-cigarettes and respiratory symptoms, housing care, registry research and many, many other exciting areas.

– Health issues have become an increasingly important issue for all people. What creates health and well-being? How do we achieve health? We conduct research that we think is interesting and easy for people tounderstand. The idea of ​​the Nobel Day is to spread knowledge about our research to everyone in an interesting way, Åsa Engström, says.

The project group includes the following persons from the Department of Health Sciences: Maria Jansson, Project Manager Innovation and Ehälsa, Åsa Engström, Professor Nursing, Katarina Leijon-Sundqvist, Head of Department of Medical Science, Mascha Pauelsen, researcher in Physiotherapy, Irene Vikman, researcher in Physiotherapy, Silje Gustafsson, researcher Nursing and Stina Rutberg, researcher Physiotherapy.

If you want to attend HLV's Nobel Day December 14th, sign up for this link here below, ans HLV invites you to have a break during the break.