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Region Norrbotten at the forefront with the help of EIC

Published: 3 December 2018

The eHealth Innovation Centre (EIC) at Luleå University of Technology coordinated the application process and wrote the project application that led to a digitized individual care plan. The work was carried out in cooperation with Region Norrbotten, the municipalities of Norrbotten and Tieto.

 – It is very satisfying that the project has reached its goal and that both patients and healthcare professionals benefit from the results, says Per-Olof Egnell, Operations Administrator at EIC.

Region Norrbotten is first in Sweden offer a digitally coordinated individual care plan that can be reached by the web.

–  At the same time, Region Norrbotten saves about 86 million SEK a year thanks to new ways of working, concludes Per-Olof Egnell.


Per-Olof Egnell

Per-Olof Egnell, Operational Manager

Phone: +46 (0)920 492089
Organisation: eHealth Innovation Centre, Department of Health, Education and Technology