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Conference paper

A Framework for Informal Learning Analytics - Evidence from the Literacy Domain (2021)

Rizk. A, Rodriguez. A
Part of: Proceedings of the 54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, s. 1509-1517, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2021
Article in journal

A novel approach to correlate the salivary exosomes and their protein cargo in the progression of cognitive impairment into Alzheimer’s disease (2021)

Rani. K, Rastogi. S, Vishwakarma. P, Singh Bharti. P, Sharma. V, Renu. K, et al.
Journal of Neuroscience Methods, Vol. 347
Article in journal

Accepting the inevitable (2021)

A mixed method approach with assessment and perceptions of well-being in very old persons within the northern Sweden Silver-MONICA study
Almevall. A, Zingmark. K, Nordmark. S, Forslund. A, Niklasson. J
Archives of gerontology and geriatrics (Print), Vol. 92
Article in journal

Ajasta ja mittaamisesta musiikissa ja matematiikassa (2021)

Tossavainen. T, Gothóni. R
Kanava, Vol. 49, nr. 1, s. 28-32
Chapter in book

Alla är med! Möjliggörare och medskapare i hälsofrämjande skolutveckling (2021)

Kostenius. C, Nyström. L
Part of: Elevhälsa och en hälsofrämjande skolutveckling
Conference paper

Beyond Toulmin: Assessing Argumentative Writing of Elementary School Children (2021)

Reznitskaya. A, Wilkinson. I, Backman. Y, Gardelli. V
Paper presented at : Disciplinary Argumentation in Writing Forum
Collection (editor)

Bildning (2021)

Svensklärarföreningens årsskrift 2020
Nordenstam. A, Nemeth. U, Winzell. H
Article, review/survey

Biomineralization Process in Hard Tissues (2021)

The Interaction Complexity within Protein and Inorganic Counterparts
Sharma. V, Srinivasan. A, Nikolajeff. F, Kumar. S
Part of: Acta Biomaterialia
Article in journal

Caring for critically ill patients during interhospital transfers (2021)

A qualitative study
Dabija. M, Aine. M, Forsberg. A
Nursing in Critical Care
Article in journal

Children’s perceptions of playing on inclusive playgrounds (2021)

A qualitative study
Wenger. I, Schulze. C, Lundström. U, Prellwitz. M
Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, Vol. 28, nr. 2, s. 136-146
Article in journal

Complete Additivity, Complete Multiplicativity, and Leibniz-additivity on Rationals (2021)

Merikoski. J, Haukkanen. P, Tossavainen. T
Integers, Vol. 21
Article in journal

Contractile properties of MHC I and II fibers from well-trained arm and leg muscles of highly trained cross-country skiers (2021)

Gejl. K, Hvid. L, Andersson. E, Jensen. R, Holmberg. H, Ørtenblad. N
Frontiers in Physiology