Nurses celebrated 50th anniversary at the university

Published: 7 June 2018

They graduated at the Swedish Red Cross Nursing Education in Boden half a century ago and have since then met every five years. This year, they visited Luleå University of Technology in order to get a closer look at how nursing education looks today and thoughts about the future.

– It was incredibly interesting and very appreciated to learn how the education is being conducted today. The main difference from our education is the theoretical foundation for the nursing subject. It barely existed during our education, says Kerstin Öhrling, who is one of the visitors and has previously been Head of the Department of Health Sciences at the university.

The Nursing education in Boden passed after some time to the county council, and then the university took over the education of nurses. The 50-year retirement class is spread throughout the country, but has followed each other through the occupational and life-years. By this year´s celebration, 32 out of 58 people joined in order to get a nice finish on the community.

Birgitta Lindberg, Nursing Education Manager, presented current and future education, Gunilla Isaksson, Head of the Department, spoke about the Department of Health Sciences and Åsa Engström, professor of Nursing, told them about nursing research and the projects being run. The visit ended with a review of the laboratory and the simulation used in education and research.
– It was impressive to see how well practically prepared the students are when they start their new careers, says Kerstin Öhrling.