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Photo: Erica Lång
Lars Nyberg, professor of physiotherapy at Luleå University of Technology. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

University's commitment to health

Published: 27 February 2018

During 2018, strategic work will be carried out at Luleå University of Technology to highlight the area of ​​health sciences. Lars Nyberg, professor of physiotherapy at Luleå University of Technology, is appointed to lead the work.

– There are many health-related issues in society development, and from the university we want to be successful and develop research and innovation in the health field.

Three identified program areas

During 2018, focus will be on putting together good working groups that can find good research issues, successful collaborations and position the universitie in these issues.

Three clear and strong program areas are identified. The goal is to create three to four projects in each area, where at least one project per program area should go to a qualified application.

Areas of ongoing research

The first program area is health promotion that will prevent and combat ill health and strengthen health. It is about welfare diseases such as diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease and cancer, now referred to as non-communicable diseases. The area is today's great health challenge and from a global perspective these are very big questions.

The second area focuses on when people have difficulties, problems, illnesses, disabilities, injuries or advanced aging. Here, the functions will be strengthened with those who are affected by a more rehabilitative approach, where activity and participation can be promoted.

– These are current areas and at the university we have both knowledge and on going research, and also an interesting field of excitement, says Lars Nyberg.

Challenging area

The third area is sustainable healthcare, with focus on efficiency, accessibility, fair care, how to organize and lead and also the learning work environment. There will be a whole new area involving the entire university where digitization, the Arctic perspective and community building become building blocks.

– This program area will require a lot of work, but we have some ideas and starting points. It is an exciting area and here we want to position ourselves as a university, says Lars Nyberg.

Announcement of project funds

There are also many laboratories at Luleå University of Technology that are interesting in future work. In the Human Movement Science Lab and the Pharmaceutical and Biomaterials laboratory are current research on-going and the laboratories for group activity, cold and the mobile physiology laboratory are currently under construction.

In short, project funds will be announced for these collaborations. It will be an invitation to the university to define projects or development thoughts and send to Lars Nyberg.