Educational plan meets new requirements for nurses

Published: 27 February 2018

Change and development in health care changes the nurse's responsibility and imposes other demands on competence. Autumn 2018 introduces a new education plan for the nursing program at Luleå University of Technology. The goal is to train actionable nurses who can make clinical assessments and make decisions in collaboration with patients, close associates and care teams.

– For the university, it is important that we have a modern Nursing program that corresponds to the examination goals, demands of society and sustainable development. With a new education plan, students get better opportunities for being well prepared for their future profession as a nurse, says Birgitta Lindberg, education director at the Nursing Program at Luleå University of Technology.

Preparing for meeting with patients

In the new education plan there are increased elements of simulation and method exercises with progression throughout the education. This gives the students a better preparation for the meeting with patients and close relatives under the clinical training. It is important because today´s healthcare is more complex and patients are treated for a shorter time in hospitals.

Linking to work life is strengthened

Most courses will be longer and have a more extensive content. In addition, the subjects integrate nursing and medical science, both in theory and in practice, which also corresponds to how the students in their upcoming profession will apply their knowledge.
In the new education plan, the students have the clinical training already in the first semester and thereafter in all periods. This allows the students to gain continuity and increased opportunity for progression, thus strengthening their working life.

In the process of developing a new education plan, all those involved in the nursing program have been involved. A working group has had overall responsibility for designing the education plan and the work on the courses has taken place in smaller groups of nursing and medical science teachers. Also, comments from students and nominees have been of great importance for the work on the education plan.


Birgitta Lindberg

Birgitta Lindberg, Associate Professor

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Åsa Engström

Åsa Engström, Professor and Head of Subject

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Johanna Sundbaum

Johanna Sundbaum, Lecturer, Holder of a chair

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