Ethical review of theses - HLV

Published: 13 June 2011

From 1 January 2004, we have a law on ethical review of research involving humans (2003:460). On 1 July 2008, an amendment to the law in force (SFS 2008:192). The Act states the type of research covered by the law and ethics to be considered by the regional ethical review board.

The law covered by the research designed to affect the person physically or mentally or liable to affect the subject physically or psychologically. Although research in which research subjects can not be asked for assistance or, where persons are identified in the research or data retrieved from the registry or data-/biobanker covered by the Act.

All research at the department that falls under the Act must be reviewed by the Regional Ethical Review Board in Umeå, and this also applies to students' theses. The regional ethical review boards to review research. The new formulation of the law is a description of what constitutes research and in normal cases, student work does not count as research and thus not included in the ethical review required by law.


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