About the Department of Health Sciences

Within the department is graduate school in health sciences, which is a unique effort between Luleå University of Technology, Department of Health and Norrbotten County Council.
Even the Center for Innovation and eHealth (EIC) is available within the department, who are working to find new care-smart solutions in eHealth.

Graduate school - develop research

Parties within the graduate school plan, implement, fund and control the education for medium nursing programs. By developing a joint graduate school the professional can be enachanted and joint collaboration skills will develop research in health, care and rehabilitation.
A joint graduate school can also help to create a unique research environment that provides support, structure and coherence to the student.

Center for Innovation and eHealth

EIC seem to find new eHealth solutions for eHealth in collaboration with the Norrbotten County Council and the municipalities of Luleå, Piteå, Boden and Luleå University of technology. Their mission is to find regional partners for our innovative solutions and to nurture these solutions.

The EIC creates innovative products, services and processes that are firmly rooted in a unique research environment that combines the health sciences, computer science and electrical engineering. It has strong track record in international research projects, and focuses on industrial growth and products.

The department partners are, among others Akademi Norr , National Association of Eastern Norrbotten , Lapland municipal and Norrbotten County Council.