Silje Gustafsson
Silje Gustafsson

Silje Gustafsson

Senior Lecturer
Luleå University of Technology
Division of Nursing and Medical Technology
Department of Health Sciences
+46 (0)920 492313
S318 Luleå

Introducing myself

Born in Tromsö, northern Norway. I received my B.Sc in Nursing 2007 and my M.Sc. in District Nursing in 2009. In 2016 I received my PhD degree in Nursing Sciences here at Luleå University of Technology, with a thesis on the topic self-care for minor illness. My research interests include primary care, telephone nursing, self-care, minor illness and children's health.


I am a course supervisor in several courses at the undergraduate and advanced level, and is an examiner for a course on care for the elderly. Other educational activities consist of teaching in the subjects quantitative research methodology, child medicine, wound treatment, statistics, eHealth, self-care, telephone nursing and theory of science. I am the course coordinator for the master thesis at advanced level of ambulance, anesthesia and intensive care. I am currently leading an educational development project aimed at creating an institutional internet-based education in statistics for health sciences.


My scientific work is aimed at self-care and nurse's advice. I am particularly interested in the public health perspective, distance learning in healthcare and self-care practices in the society. My research has a mostly quantitative focus, and I have also used critical incident techniques and psychometric evaluations of research instruments. I participate in several research projects, including psychiatric care in an emergency setting, recovery-oriented psychiatric care, self-care practitices in the North, and a children's health project aimed at improving advice and support for families with small children.

My research


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