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Department of Health, Education and Technology, HLT

The department's research and education are in demand of the society. In order to offer interesting, relevant and exciting research and education, we work with constant development that corresponds to the demand that exists in the social sector health and learning. Within the framework of the department's nine research topics, there are opportunities to create exciting interdisciplinary collaborations.

The shortage of academic and vocationally trained staff in the health and learning sector means that our students are in great demand in the labor market. The educations the department provides at the undergraduate and advanced level are characterized by a big interest and good quality. A large part of the training is carried out in distance form. An important aspect for continuing to respond to society's needs is the collaboration we have with the surrounding society.

The department also houses exciting and cross-border research in health and learning as well as research with a technical focus. There are also laboratory environments with artificial intelligence, robotics and sensors. A number of research and development projects are also underway in collaboration with municipalities and Region Norrbotten.
The department has two graduate schools with different specializations, The Graduate School Practice-based Educational Research (PROFS) and the Academy of Health of the Future. Both offer a cohesive doctoral education environment for admitted doctoral students.

We also have the Center for Health and Innovation (EIC), which is a common platform for the development of e-health.


His career took off in Luleå

Rune Andersson became the first employee at the then University Unit in Luleå in 1971.

Photo: Mellby Gård

Research subjects and educational subjects

The division has eight research subjects in health and learning


Publications in HLT

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Area of Excellence in Research and Innovation: Health


eHealth Innovation Centre - EIC

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Department of Health, Learning and Technology
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