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Department of Health Sciences

We have research in Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Nursing and Health Science. Our research often takes place in close collaboration with the surrounding society. The department have lab environments that are used by both researchers and students.

We have programmes in occupational therapy, physiotherapy, health guidance, x-ray nurse, nurse and specialist nurse with several specializations. Many programmes and most courses are conducted in a distance form.

At the eHealth Innovation Centre (EIC), new solutions in health and care are developed by utilizing the possibilities of digitization. The development takes place in collaboration with the parties Luleå University of Technology, Region Norrbotten, Norrbotten Municipalities and individual municipalities and companies.


Publications in Health Sciences

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Area of Excellence in Research and Innovation: Health


eHealth Innovation Centre - EIC

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Human Health and Performance Lab – Movement Science

Photo: Erica Lång

Department of Health Sciences
Luleå University of Technology
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