About LTU's strategic focus on Engineering Education, supported by the CDIO initiative

The project is about strengthening the links between LTU courses and engineering programs, not least in the form of supporting teachers and leaders to strengthen courses as means of achieving defined goals for engineering graduates. The CDIO initiative is a triple in the form of an idea of ​​the purpose of Engineering Education, a network of more than 130 universities and universities around the world, as well as a framework with 12 aspects of software development. Working with the CDIO initiative is one of several ways to execute the purpose of Educational Idea LTU. By 2020, LTU should be known for its educational idea, and the work on the CDIO initiative is a powerful effort to achieve that goal.

The work at LTU currently has a particular focus on LTU's college engineering program. Among the project goals is that all engineering courses at the university will in a concrete way start the work in accordance with the 12 CDIO standards. In the project work, all university engineering programs at LTU were involved in 2017. Activities have been conducted in the form of self evaluations, program and course development, workshops for colleges, conference participation and skills development for staff. The courses of Program-Driven Course Development (3 ECTS credits) have begun dialogues and development work. There are still major challenges in the work to strengthen programs at LTU. It's about how we support the necessary development by following up, what roles and powers, and what educational culture we create. This mfl strongly influences what goal achievement we have.

Do you have questions about CDIO contact?

Rickard Garvare

Rickard Garvare, Professor, Head of Department

Phone: +46 (0)920 492295
Organisation: ETSKVALO, Business Administration and Industrial Engineering, Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences
Kim Berglund

Kim Berglund, Senior Lecturer

Phone: +46 (0)920 493051
Organisation: Machine Elements, Machine Elements, Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
Oskar Gedda

Oskar Gedda, Educational Developer, Education Leader

Phone: +46 (0)911 72625
Organisation: Education, VSS-HPC, Professional Support