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E-mötestjänst Zoom

E-meeting service - Zoom

Zoom is a digital communication service with several uses that is offered to all staff and all students at the university.

As a teacher at Luleå University of Technology, you are offered to use the Zoom service for digital communication with video, audio and text together with your students or colleagues. As a teacher, you can, among other things, use Zoom to conduct distance learning online or hybrid teaching. You can also use Zoom for online digital video conferencing, hybrid conferencing, digital webinars, or to record your lectures.

Useful digital tools

For you as a teacher, there are several useful digital tools in Zoom to familiarize you with. Tools that can support you in your teaching. This could be, for example, using a whiteboard or annotate during your digital lesson in Zoom.

You can learn more about Zoom and the digital tools under Zoom's own pages on the internet.