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Decorative picture Photo: Mostphotos, Varin Rattanaburi

Media Service - LTU Play (Kaltura)

LTU Play is the media service offered to you as a teacher to be able to store and share moving images and sounds in your courses and educations.

What is LTU Play / Kaltura?

With LTU Play, you as a teacher at Luleå University of Technology create, store and share moving images and sound. The service is based on the company Kaltura's platform and contains functions for creating and maintaining its own or the organization's media library. LTU Play / Kaltura is integrated with Luleå University of Technology's learning platform Canvas.

The overall purpose of LTU Play / Kaltura is to contribute to the development of teaching at Luleå University of Technology by:

  • enable efficient creation and sharing of media in the form of movies and sound recordings in the Canvas learning platform.
  • contribute to and increase student-active teaching methods at Luleå University of Technology such as flipped classrooms.
  • to create conditions for inclusive teaching methods with film and sound recordings.
  • ensure publication on a university-wide platform in a legally secure manner.

Nationally, about 25 higher education institutions are connected to the service, which creates a broad forum for the exchange of experience and knowledge regarding both development and pedagogical application.

Why and how should I use LTU Play / Kaltura?

You as a teacher should use LTU Play / Kaltura to store all your recorded film or audio material that you intend to use in your courses and your teaching. Both because the personal storage space in Canvas is very limited and quickly becomes full if you upload movies directly in Canvas and to be able to ensure publication in legally secure forms.

Your uploaded film, recorded lecture or sound in LTU Play / Kaltura can then be found in Canvas under My Media / My Media .

How do I log in to LTU Play?

  1. Click on the login link below to log in to LTU Play.
  2. Click on the icon in the top right corner where it says "Guest" and select login in the drop-down list.
  3. Select Luleå University of Technology in the dialog window that appears. You can choose to save the setting for future logins.
  4. Log in with your LTU user and password.

Record in LTU Play

You can record your lecture directly in LTU Play using the tool KalturaCapture. You can then access the film directly in Canvas under My Media.


Upload a movie to LTU Play

If you have an already finished movie file that you may have recorded with another software, you can easily upload it to LTU Play to be able to use in Canvas.

  1. Click ADD NEW
  2. Select Media Upload from the pop-up menu.
  3. Drag and drop your desired media file in the box or click Choose a file to upload to select the file you want to upload.
  4. Make the desired settings
  5. Save

You will find your recorded or uploaded movies under your user and My Media in the pop-up menu.

Subtitle your movie in LTU Play

LTU Play has a subtitle function for subtitling movies. You can set the spoken language in the movie and get subtitles to the same language. There is currently no possibility to do translations in LTU Play.

Watch the instructional video below to see how to do it when subtitling your movie.

User support in LTU Play / Kaltura

If you as a teacher need help and support in the use of LTU Play / Kaltura, you can contact us at HPC.