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Text matching - Ouriginal

For you as a teacher at Luleå University of Technology, the digital tool Ouriginal (formerly Urkund) is available to support and help you discover text matching in students' submitted assignments and examinations.

Promote academic honesty

Ouriginal's text matching allows you to scan student submitted documents to match the text against a variety of sources. Using algorithms, the content is analyzed and you receive an analysis report that tells you which similarities have been discovered. With the help of the report, you as a teacher can then make a final assessment as to whether it is a case of suspected plagiarism or not (the service should not be used for research articles).
Preventing and detecting plagiarism helps foster an environment of academic honesty and integrity.

Ouriginal is mainly used via the Canvas learning platform, but can also be accessed via Ouriginal's own website on the internet. The recommendation is to mainly use the service via Canvas.

User support and assistance


Contact an object specialist for user support

If you as a teacher need support/user support for the Ouriginal application, you can contact us at HPC below.

Support directly from the supplier of Ouriginal

Free support for both teachers and students is included in LTU's agreement with Prioinfocenter (weekdays without weekends 08:00-18:00).
More information can be found on the supplier's website .