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HPC 006 Peer review in teaching

The course is designed for teachers and doctoral students at Luleå University of Technology who have completed the qualifying course in higher education pedagogy parts 1 and 2.

The course aims for the participant to develop pedagogical skills for teaching in higher education. It aims in particular to develop the participants' competence to apply and analyse pedagogical knowledge from previous courses and provides a realistic and concrete perspective on the science of teaching and learning, especially that which concerns collegial development.
The collegial development course is intended to extend over at least one term.  It aims to create an arena for pedagogical and didactic discussions and to increase the opportunities for dialogue and collaboration between teachers, enable the exchange of ideas, development of current courses, create opportunities for teachers to develop in their teaching profession and teaching ability, as well as increase awareness of what is happening in teaching situations.

The content of the course is based on collaborative and collegial learning. The practical elements of the course are based on planning, preparation, and implementation of observations of the teaching as well as collegial feedback and reflection on the observations.

The course is based on independent learning and focuses on the individually active science of teaching and learning. A collegial exchange between two participants is required throughout the course. They plan, implement and document each other's teaching through observation. In the course, colleagues will give each other constructive feedback and hold development dialogues about design and implementation. The final assignment is a summary and a reflection that can be used as a basis for a pedagogical merit portfolio.
After passing the course, participants will be able to:
  • account for the theoretical framework and the scientific basis for collegial learning,
  • identify, formulate and delimit a problem area relevant to collegial development,
  • plan, implement, document, critically review, and provide effective feedback on their own and colleagues' teaching with a focus on development, and
  • identify future development needs in their own and colleagues' teaching.
Scope: The course corresponds to 1.5 credits and takes 40 hours to complete.
The course is given in English.
To be admitted to the course, you must first have completed part 1 (HPC 001) and part 2 (HPC002) of the qualifying course in higher education pedagogy with a passing grade.
Next course start: Autumn 2022


Daniel Anttila, Educational Developer

Phone: +46 (0)920 493010
Organisation: VSS-PUEK, Professional Support