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New as teacher

Published: 7 December 2020

"New as a teacher" is the course for you who are newly employed as a teacher at LTU and serves as an introduction to the pedagogical assignment.

"New as a teacher" is aimed at newly hired doctoral students and teachers. The main focus is on the basic pedagogical principles and digital systems for learning that LTU works from. The course also provides an overview of the global societal challenges that universities face and the government assignment in the role of teacher.

New as a teacher is part one of acquiring the compulsory qualifications required to teach at LTU and to proceed in LTU's pedagogical education program and thereby acquire qualifications to teach. If you have already completed pedagogical training or acquired equivalent knowledge in another way, contact HPC for any individual study plan.

The course runs twice per academic year and is given in English during the autumn and in Swedish during the spring semester. The course corresponds to 2 credits will take about 50 hours of work, make sure that you as a participant have the opportunity to spend this time. Due to the pandemic situation, all course meetings will tentatively be online

The course is given in the spring of 2021 in Swedish

Course days:
February 25
March 4
March 17
April 19