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LTU University Pedagogy Center warmly welcomes to you our lunchtime seminars. The seminars are aimed at sharing insights and stimulating discussion on pedagogy in higher education. We encourage participation and are grateful for all feedback.

Spring seminars 2020


Friday February 7, 12.05-12.50 (language: English)

How can we as teachers work to improve student learning? An overview of LTU’s pedagogical principles

LTU’s goal is that graduates are engaged, independent learners who are highly employable and well equipped to meet the demands of 21st century society. By synthesising pedagogical research and combining it with insights from proven experience LTU University Pedagogy Center has developed “LTU’s Pedagogical Principles”. The principles are a set of approaches and actions that are intended to support teachers in their everyday work. There are nine principles, so far, that should stimulate action and encourage collaboration between colleagues and across disciplines throughout the university. This lunchtime seminar will outline LTU’s Pedagogical Principles and provide examples of how they can be used to improve student learning and engagement.

Adrian Rodriguez and Eva Fjällström, Educational Developers, Luleå University of Technology

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Friday March 6, 12.05-12.50

The seminar will be held in Swedish. See Swedish page for more information.

Tuesday April 14, 12.15-13.00

Welcome to Praktisk Pedagogisk Lunch (PPL), at Halmstad University. This PPL will be sent live for JU and LTU to join. To join the IRL-session at HPC, I231, please follow this link to a Zoom-room:

No registration for attending is needed.

Language: English

Learning by listening to experts – a podcast-based approach to flexible learning
More than 45% of EU workers feel their skills will become outdated in the next five years. How can universities be relevant for time-sensitive professionals in knowledge-intensive environments and address high-quality life-long learning for professionals? Halmstad University just completed a Vinnova project to make knowledge available about AI and service design for professionals, and contribute to flexible and lifelong learning in the form of a podcast-based MOOC called Human-Centered Machine Learning.

The podcast consists of twelve episodes that outline how useful and ethical services can be designed by using AI. The episodes are in English and each episode is based on a dialogue between two or three experts. Since the launch in October, more than 2,000 downloads have been made, with listeners from all over the world. The evaluation points out that the dialogue format with invited experts is appreciated, and that the flexibility of the podcast medium makes it easier for professionals to complete the course. All in the reference group stated that they would like to attend more podcast-based courses in the future. In this talk, Pontus will present how we went about designing the course and some hands-on learnings and tips for educators interested in exploring flexible, self-paced learning for professionals using podcasts.

Presenter: Pontus Wärnestål works at ITE and is a senior Interaction Designer with 15+ years of work experience.

Wednesday April 15, 12.00-13.00 (language: English)

Active Learning

Lars Eriksson and Annika Engström
School of Engineering at Jönköping University invites you to attend an online seminar as a part of a pedagogical collaboration between Halmstad University and Luleå University of Technology.​

Zoom link will be sent to attendees one day before the event.​
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Friday May 8, 12.05-12.45

The seminar will be held in Swedish. See Swedish page for more information.

Friday May 29, 12.05-12.50

The seminar will be held in Swedish. See Swedish page for more information.


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