Lunchtime seminars

The Center for Educational Development warmly welcomes you to our lunchtime seminars. The seminars are aimed at sharing insights and stimulating discussion on pedagogy in higher education.

Fall seminars 2020

Seminars will be held online via Zoom. The seminar series is a collaboration between Luleå University of Technology, Jönköping University and Halmstad University. No registration is needed. Welcome to the seminars!

In order to participate, you need a computer, headset, a web cam and the Zoom client installed on your computer. Please read the following instructions prior to the meeting:

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HPC welcomes your suggestions and ideas regarding both speakers and themes. Send your suggestions to and state "Lunchtime seminars" as subject.

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Tuesday October 6, 12.00-13.00

Sustainable Development in the educational Programs and Problem-oriented group design exercise as a change strategy - two research projects supporting education
Annika Moscati, Géza Fischl

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The two researchers Annika Moscati and Géza Fischl present their results from research projects supporting education. Evaluation and development of sustainable development in educational programs, especially master programmes at the School of Engineering, is the focus in Annika Moscati's presentation.

Géza Fischl introduces us to his research on the use of problem-oriented learning as a means for students to cope with uncertainty and as a change agency.

Seminar in English. No registration needed.

Wednesday October 14, 12.15-13.00

Planning an interdisciplinary course by interdisciplinary principles
Vaike Fors

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During autumn 2020, Halmstad University is launching four new courses within the Common Core framework. One explicit goal is to educate students in interdisciplinary thinking around societal challenges. One of these courses is 'Inventing smart futures'. The planning of the course started already in 2016 when Common Core still was in its first ideation phase. Vaike will tell the story of when a working group consisting of scholars within economics, computer science, theory of science, media- and communication, pedagogy and critical design came together to create a course about smart futures by working along interdisciplinary principles. She will demonstrate how the course looked like at the end, and some first insights into how it works with students.

Vaike Fors is associate professor in pedagogy at the School of Informatics. She teaches in the under-graduate program 'Digital Design and innovation' and she was appointed Excellent Teacher in 2019.

Seminar in English. No registration needed.

Tuesday October 20, 12.00-13.00

Conceptualization of Two Learning Environments
Géza Fischl och Jörgen Gustavsson

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The aim of this project is to summarize the main teaching styles performed at the School of Engineering in Jönköping and provide a perspective for a future learning environment through the case study of two classrooms. The investigation is originated in the CDIO approach and further enhanced with specific learning, motivational, and restorative elements, or features which helps to reposition the purpose of the future learning environments.

Seminar in English. No registration needed.

Tuesday November 3, 12.00-13.00

PED Award winners present a way to organize courses and educational programs
Johanna Glans och Nina Andersson

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Examples from Johanna and Nina and the Department of Construction Engineering and Lighting Science.

Seminar in English. No registration needed.

Tuesday December 8, 12.00-13.00

Course Literature presentations by authors at JTH
Peter Olofsson, Jörgen Gustavsson och Kristina Säfsten

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Presentation of course literature by the authors.

Probability, Statistics, and Stochastic Processes (2nd Edition) by Peter Olofsson, Mikael Andersson
This book provides an upper-level, calculus-based introduction to probability theory, statistical inference, and stochastic processes.

Variation exercises by Jörgen Gustavsson
How to distinguish critical characteristics in a situation through variations of the situation.

Research methodology for engineers and other problem-solvers by Kristina Säfsten.

Seminar in English. No registration needed.

Wednesday December 9, 12.05-12.45

The seminar will be held in Swedish. Please see Swedish page for more information.