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Pedagogisk idé
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Pedagogical idea LTU

Commitment, persistent work and independence. These three values ​​is a way to describe pedagogical idea LTU. The purpose and goal of the pedagogical idea LTU is our students' learning through:

  • developing tasks and activities that motivate and commitment
  • to constructively plan tasks and activities for sustainable work and
  • to support students' skills so that they can work independently within their competence.

One of the cornerstones is commitment. By motivating the commitment to a particular area of ​​knowledge makes it possible for students to invest more time and take more responsibility for their own learning. Commitment can be developed in many ways, a very important part is our teachers' passion for their area. Another is the clarity of what is expected of the students, that is a clear goal, which clarifies where they are going and how the activities and tasks will help to achieve the goal. All of LTU has an important role in supporting our students to become recognized skillful and energetic players in their area of ​​competence. It is pedagogical idea LTU. Simply a way to learn.