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Support for distance teaching and learning

We will be continually updating this page with events and resources to help you adapt your teaching and learning activities to a distance format so that we can contribute to minimising the spread of the coronavirus.


HPC tries to gather questions and answers in a forum in Microsoft Teams where there are more persons that can answer and other teachers at LTU can be helped. You can also support other teachers by joining the team and support others. The team is found here

Support and information regarding Teams is found here

There is also the posibility to take part of other material 


Possibility to sign up for webinars held by Zoom

Materials for self-study, learn more about Canvas, Zoom and LTU Play


In the current circumstances, many are forced to change the forms examinations. On this page there is some advice for this. Also, don't hesitate to contact HPC!

Links and material to learn more

This page is updated continuously


For those of you who are just getting started

Lab at a distance

Tips on tools and resources

Tips from other universities

Contact Us

From classroom to online/digital

Digital tools and the activities they support

Campus based teaching formats and activities Digital activity

Tools and resources

  • Assigning reading
  • Directing students to learning materials


  • Lectures
  • Presentations
  • Recorded lectures
  • Real-time lectures/presentations
  • Link to existing lectures and clips
  • Discussions
  • Peer-feedback
  • Discusson forums (live chat or asynchronous)
  • Video chat groups (supervised or unsupervised)
  • Group projects
  • Collaboration
  • Joint production of texts, presentations, animations, etc.
  • Quizzes
  • Online quizzes
  • Providing feedback
  • Providing digital feedback
  • Canvas
  • Zoom
  • Labs
  • Online/virtual labs
  • Simulations



On this page you can find links to fora for discussions. HPC is responsible for a Team that offers suppor for online related questions, experienced teachers at LTU and HPC will work on responding back to you as soon as possible. We also use this platform to share relevant resources, if you have some to share - very welcome!

ITHU has started a Facebook group where it is possible to get in touch with teachers from other universities.

IT offers support in Teams during certain times in a Team linked below