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The law about accessible digital public service

The law about accessible digital public service (Lagen om tillgänglighet i digital offentlig service) comes into force for us who have existing websites on September 23, 2020. The purpose is to help and reach as many students and users as possible. The law applies to both public websites, intranets and private websites, such as Canvas.

What you need to know

The work of facilitating accessibility is an ongoing process. At present, we at HPC work with an overview of all the university's systems, in accordance with current legislation on accessibility to digital public services. Then we will investigate which adjustments are to be implemented and how these are to be paid for.


ITHU's (IT in Higher Education) network for accessibility has sent a letter to SUHF (Swedish University and University Association) based on how the interpretation should take place in relation to learning platforms. The decision has been made to appoint a team to interpret how the law is to be applied, with regard to learning platforms such as Canvas. More info here:

What can you as a teacher think about

When you create teaching materials, there are some things that are good for you to know for the content to work for everyone. These are largely minor adjustments that may not be very time consuming for you and make a big difference for many. Tips for creating accessible content benefit all types of users and students, not just those with some form of disability who use browsing aids.

Do you want to know more?

Here you can read more about accessibility and guidelines: