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The law about accessible digital public service

The law about accessible digital public service (Lagen om tillgänglighet i digital offentlig service) comes into force for us who have existing websites on September 23, 2020. The purpose is to help and reach as many students and users as possible. The law applies to both public websites, intranets and private websites, such as Canvas.

What you need to know

The accessability work is an ongoing process. At HPC, we are currently reviewing every system, to adapt the university's accessibility system in accordance with the law on accessibility to digital public service. The next step will be to investigate adjustments and funding.

What you, as a teacher, can consider

When you create teaching materials in, for example, the learning platform and the web, there are some things that are good for you to know for the content to work for everyone. Minor adjustments that may not be as time-consuming for you can make a big difference to many. Often, the tips available to create accessible content are things that benefit all types of users and students, not just those with some form of disability and who uses technical aids to surf the web.

Would you like to know more?

Here are more information and guidelines: