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University pedagogy courses

Published: 17 January 2015

The aim of the courses is to empower you in your role as teacher and thus increase your teaching skills. The courses are held at reduced speed to facilitate your participation.

The base of the university education program consists of "Qualifying course for university teachers".

HPC's courses are normally giving you credits. If you take courses as a doctoral student, you will receive credits that can be reported into the student administration system Ladok. Whether the points you have taken in the HPC courses could be used for a doctoral or licentiate degree is a question between you as a participant and your supervisor, which is determined by the individual study plan (ISP). If you have already completed a doctorate and are going through courses as skills development, points are used to match LTU's and other universities' requirements for educational competence in, for example, employment arrangements.

The procedure for getting credits in Ladok is as follows. After completing the course, you as a course participant will receive a certificate. This certificate should be taken to your supervisor who submits credits in Ladok, it is not something HPC does.

HPC's courses can be perceived as demanding and that time is not enough. However, our experience is that what makes you as a participant feel that the time is not enough is that you take the course at the same time as other activities are going on as usual. It is therefore very important that you make clear with your supervisor or immediate manager that you will attend a course and that you will be given time for this, both so that you can do a good job in the course and so that you do not suffer unnecessarily hard workload.

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