Music research on the agenda

Published: 16 June 2017

The music school at Luleå University of Technology hosted the ambulatory conference Music Research today for the first time.

- The purpose is to gather Swedish music researchers, to create a meeting place where we can exchange thoughts and ideas. It is a national conference, although there is some international participation, says Sverker Jullander, professor of musical design at Luleå University of Technology.

Broad music research

A precursor to today's conference organized by the Swedish Society of Music Research and the chosen university (this year, Luleå University of Technology) was first organized in 1998 under the name of Musicology today. But since musicology is a research subject that does not include all musical disciplines, the name of the annual conference changed to music research today.

- The reason for this was that one would welcome music research in a more broad sense. Music research is very broad, the lectures at this year's conference have addressed topics ranging from micro rythmics in African music to manuscripts from the 16th century. A fairly new feature is also the so-called recital lectures, a combination of lectures and concerts, which is especially suitable for a subject like musical formatting. The width can be perceived as both a strength and a weakness, I see it, after all, as the former, what is the alternative? That a certain kind of music should be excluded from the research? It does not sound like a good idea in my ears, says Sverker Jullander.

Creating contacts

It was at last year's conference that the chairman of the society Lars Berglund asked Sverker Jullander and the Music School if they could arrange the next conference.

- It was a thought I had before before but I did not have the time to ask so it was fun that the initiative came from society itself, says Sverker Jullander, who believes that the conference will strengthen the business in Piteå.

- This means that those who come here discover that we are here and you can see what we have to offer. Studio Acusticum is known before, but not all of them have actually been here. In addition, it creates contacts between us researchers and enables greater collaboration between different universities and research subjects. The fact that we as a university and music school have the chance to arrange such a large conference is of course very stimulating.

Trends in time

Sverker Jullander can see some trends in our time regarding what subjects that matters to Swedish music research today.
- No question is completely dominant, but today we see a lot of music research about education aimed at children from less privileged environments. Other current research fields are digitally produced and distributed music as well as musical performance where researchers and musicians collaborate or where the researchers are also professional musicians.


Sverker Jullander

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