Great contribution to the university's choir activity

Published: 4 December 2017

The professional choir activity at Luleå University of Technology is awarded over three million kronor from the Kempe Foundations, the Curt Boströms Foundation and the Norrbotten Region.

– This means a unique opportunity for long-term development of artistic excellence and to create a foundation for ideas to be realized. The future lies a lot in our students in conducting and composition. Now we can create professional projects with colleagues and students who increase skills in nearby musical areas. I also believe that the artistic environment can attract more students to apply for our education, says Erik Westberg, professor of choir direction at Luleå University of Technology and continues.

– I am both happy and humble for the generosity shown by the various contributors. For many years, we have been working to reach this level, and I believe and hope that we will succeed in strengthening our activity further with this initiative

Enables new collaborations

The professional choir activity is awarded 1.5 million from the Kempe Foundations, 1 million from the Curt Boström Foundation and the Norrbotten Region has decided 200,000 kronor this year with a letter of intent of another 400,000 kronor in 2019-2020. The financial contribution opens up a number of new opportunities for cooperation and artistic development.

– New music has always been important to me. Obviously, therefore, it will be possible to collaborate with composers and create works together with artists outside the usual classical music scene. The contribution also offers new opportunities for regional, national and international tours, collaborations with professional ensembles and orchestras, as well as publishing of phonograms. A natural effect for university is also what is commonly referred to as the power of light. A technical university with this high-class artistic activity - a great idea that is now becoming reality, says Erik Westberg.

Wants to invest in quality and long-term

Erik Westberg is one of Sweden's most well-known choir conductors and has achieved great success both with his own vocal ensemble and with the chamber music choir of the School of Music in Piteå. He sees the generosity of donors as a confirmation of the high standard of university choir activity.

– Contributors want to focus on what is quality and where there are long-term goals. Next year the vocal ensemble will turn 25 years old. What a great way to celebrate artistic and educational activities into the future!

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