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Marie Macleod.
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"We offer fantastic opportunities"

Published: 12 October 2017

Marie Macleod is the principal cellist in the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and teacher at RSPO Orchestra Academy.

Hi there, who are you?

– I am Marie Macleod, I come from England and I'm principal cellist at the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic. As well as working with the orchestra, I am also cellist in the Lendvai String Trio and the Aronowitz Ensemble which are based in the UK and Holland.

Why study RSPO Orchestra Academy?

– The RSPO Orchestra Academy offers fantastic opportunities with emphasis on how to prepare for orchestral auditions and how to approach orchestral excerpts. All academy students will perform both with the orchestra and in chamber music concerts, and receive tuition from the principals in the orchestra.

Why is it so fun to teach?

– It's very inspiring to teach and see how each individual student grows and develops - not just musically and technically but also in confidence when performing. I also enjoy teaching because it so often reminds me of all my teachers, and how they explained things to me! Who we become as musicians is always a result of so many different influences; how we develop advice from old teachers combined with the constant flow of new ideas we get through either new teachers or playing or working with different musicians means that hopefully we continue growing as musicians throughout our careers.

What do you want the students to learn from your courses?

– I hope that the students who are part of the RSPO academy will come away at the end of the year feeling more confident in how to approach orchestral auditions. Through detailed work and lessons on orchestral excerpts, several mock auditions and being part of the orchestra during rehearsals and concerts, the student will gain invaluable experience during the year. At this time when auditions for orchestral jobs are becoming increasingly competitive and international, it is crucial that students have the best possible support in preparing for their futures. The RSPO academy offers precisely that!