Conference paper

Affordances of Musical Sound (2020)

Listening to theSpotify Streaming Service
Leijonhufvud. S, Allan. J
Part of: The topology of music education, 2020
Article in journal

Evaluation of the Momentary Time Scale for Live Loudness Metering (2020)

Allan. J, Berg. J
Journal of The Audio Engineering Society, Vol. 68, nr. 3, s. 193-222
Chapter in book

Spawn 2.0 — Att spela sig till läsning (2020)

Graeske. C, Lundström. S, Smith. E, Thunberg. S, Vallin. H
Part of: Litteraturdidaktik
Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary

Evaluation of Live Loudness Meters (2019)

Allan. J
Artistic output

Invisible Sounds (2019)

Piteå Port
Östersjö. S, Hultqvist. A, Berg. J