Publikationer pedagogik, språk och ämnesdidaktik

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An investigation of Swedish pre-service preschool teachers’ knowledge about the negative numbers (2020)

Tossavainen. T, Edholm. M, Faarinen. E, Lundkvist. M
JECER. Journal of Early Childhood Education Research, Vol. 9, nr. 2, s. 420-436
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Arithmetic Subderivatives (2020)

p-adic Discontinuity and Continuity
Haukkanen. P, Merikoski. J, Tossavainen. T
Journal of Integer Sequences, Vol. 23, nr. 7
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Asymptotics of partial sums of the Dirichlet series of the arithmetic derivative (2020)

Haukkanen. P, Merikoski. J, Tossavainen. T
Mathematical Communications, Vol. 25, nr. 1, s. 107-115
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Don't fear poetry! Secondary teachers' key strategies for engaging pupils with poetic texts (2020)

Sigvardsson. A
Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research, Vol. 64, nr. 6, s. 953-966
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Evolving Bildung, technology and streaming art (2020)

Ekberg. N, Schwieler. E
Popular Communication
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Graph-theoretical approaches and tools for quantitatively assessing curricula coherence (2020)

Varagnolo. D, Knorn. S, Staffas. K, Fjällström. E, Wrigstad. T
European Journal of Engineering Education, s. 1-20
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Group Argumentation Development through Philosophical Dialogues for Persons with Acquired Brain Injuries (2020)

Backman. Y, Gardelli. T, Gardelli. V, Strömberg. C
International Journal of Disability, Development and Education, Vol. 67, nr. 1, s. 107-123
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Heideggerian Perspectives on the Possibilities of Being a Teacher (2020)

Ekberg. N, Alerby. E
Part of: Encyclopedia of Teacher Education
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Intrig och interaktivitet (2020)

Om litterära värden i rollspel
Lundström. S
Tidskrift för litteraturvetenskap, nr. 1, s. 60-68
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Long-Term Perspectives of a School-Based Intervention to Promote Active School Transportation (2020)

Savolainen. E, Rutberg. S, Backman. Y, Lindqvist. A
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Vol. 17, nr. 14