Documentary Film Day 2020

14 Feb. 2020, 11:00 - 17:00
Piteå, Studio Acusticum
Published: 7 January 2020

This year's Documentary Film Day aims at the most personal. How close can we go to film ourselves and our own lives? Is there really a clear boundary between the private and the personal?

Come and meet some filmmakers who have the courage to go very close: Kersti Grunditz Brennan (in question with the latest film BLOOD, known for eg Citizen Schein, Nunnan, etc.), Lina Maria Mannheimer (Mating, Ceremony, etc.), Karin Ekberg (After Inez, Divorcing, etc.), Johan Tjärnberg (debutant). In addition, the researcher and professor Malin Wahlberg, Department of Media Studies, Stockholm University.