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Photo: Martin Fryklund
Adam Sundqvist and Richard Ullvin will guide the audience through SMASK:s semi final in Piteå. Photo: Martin Fryklund

Psyched for an unbeatable music competition

Published: 28 February 2014

On Wednesday it's time for music students at Luleå University of Technology to compete in their own version of the European Song Contest. The shows hosts Adam Sundqvist and Richard Ullvin are stoked to guide the audience through ten contributions that celebrates the song contest genre.

SMASK stands for Swedish Music Academician Song Kåntest (Contest) and is an annual competition between the Swedish music colleges. First there are six local rounds and then it all comes down to a national final. This year is the Piteås turn to arrange the national final.

Adam Sundqvist studies first year at The Audio Technology Programme. Together with his friend Richard Ullvin, student at TV production, he is master of ceremonies at the semi final in Piteå. The last few weeks have been intense. SMASK is a voluntary activity that has nothing to do with school. Some scheduling conflicts between the rehearsals and teaching are bound to take place. Both put most of their waking hours into their work with SMASK.

- You need to allocate your time. You can not sit at home and watch the Ironman movie three times in a row, says Adam Sundqvist.

More focus on songwriters and musicians

There are many similarities between SMASK and The Swedish Song Contest at SVT, but also differences. SMASK is for example 1 ½ hours longer than The Swedish Song Contest. Since it is music schools that compete there will be more focus on artists, musicians and those who have written and arranged the songs. They get more space and more cred.

- The nightmare is that we forget to thank someone in the orchestra, for example. It just can not happen, says Rikard Ullvin.

Good experience for working life

In addition to directing the show will Rikard Ullvin and Adam Sundqvist play several skits they had written themselves. The theme for the evening is "A oschlagbart Piteå." Since both originates from Stockholm, they will use stereotypes of both Stockholm residents and northerners in the sketches.

- The worst prejudice is that everyone up here is a lumberjack who has an ax and a scooter, says Rikard Ullvin.

All programs on campus are involved in SMASK. In total there are over 160 students who are working together. Rikard Ullvin and Adam Sundqvist see great advantages with students working with such a large production.

- You become really good at collaborating with people you do not know that well, says Adam Sundqvist.


These criteria shall comply with the songs

The contributions are written by the students and the criteria are the same at all schools.

  • Son contest genre conservation
  • Utilization of the genre's clichés in lyrics, music and arrangements
  • Utilization of the orchestra opportunities
  • Stage show's entertainment value
  • Transition in the music

The semi final in Piteå held at 18:30 (admission 18.00) on 5 March Studio Acusticum. National Finals will be held at 18:00 (admission 17:30) of 17 May at Norrmalmia in Piteå.

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