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Photo: Emma Bergström Wuolo

And the SMASK winner is ...

Published: 5 March 2014

With a song about SJ's constant delays the duo Dressinen got first place in SMASK's semi final in Piteå.
– It is absolutely incredible! I'm in shock, says winner Frida Norén.

It was an action packed night full of happy tunes and glitzy costume changes that awaited the audience in the university auditorium in Piteå on Wednesday night. The hosts Adam Sundqvist and Richard Ullvin guided the audience through ten songs that all celebrated the genre.

In the first voting round the audience chose the contributions Blinka, Mörker, Bosse Banan, Rulla med mig and På spåret. Then it was time for the jury groups cast their votes. With one hundred per cent agreement all juriy groups gave their twelve-pointers to Dressinens contribution På spåret. In the green room sat Frida Norén and Christian Melin Jonsson and just gaped in astonishment.

- I thought 'is this happening? "And then we got another one twelve... and another one, says Frida Norén.

Both she and Christian Melin Jonsson believed in the song and they would rank in the top five best entries.

- But we would take all twelves? No, I did not dare even think that, says Christian Melin Jonsson.

Another who is pleased with the evening is SMASK-General Helena Ivarsson, who is also student on Experience Production. After the show she relaxes for a moment in the green room.

- Everyone pulled it together at the dress rehearsal and tonight it went even better. Feeling the audience's pressure when they called out for the winners, it was absolutely incredible, says Helena Ivarsson.

She and the rest of SMASK team has put a lot of time into the show. And the work is not over yet.May 17th is the time for the national final at Norrmalmia in Piteå.

- Now we'll enjoy this for a while, but then it's time to come together and begin to gear up for the final, says Helena Ivarsson.

The group that came in second place, Flamingos, will also move forward to the Nationals.

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