Tommy Lakso, årets Jazzpedagog 2012, Musikhögskolan i Piteå, lektor i gitarr
Tommy Lakso, lecturer in guitar, School of Music Photo: Per-Anders Burman

Jazz educator of the year

Luleå technical university now has another awardwinning member of their staff. Tommy Lakso, lecturer in guitar, has been awarded This year jazz educator of Swedish Jazz

Tommy Lakso has taught at the School of Music since the late 70's and still teaches at the music school in addition to his employment at Luleå University of Technology. The Year 'Award jazz educator is given to an educator who works up to and including upper secondary level and it was a very surprised teacher who received the Mary Lou Meese price of 50 000kr for Youth Jazz Festival in Stockholm

- To be elected Jazz Educator of the Year in Sweden is still difficult to comprehend. We have so many great jazz educators, says an astonished but proud Tommy Lakso

Rings on the water

This year marks the second year that the prize is awarded and gTommy Lakso now hope that this award as an educator will make him even more believable in his role as a teacher.

- I often talk with my students about the cultivation of my two identities, both as a musician and teacher, and I think I now will be even better salesman of my particular genre and of course it feels like a little payback time at Luleå University chose to hire me as a lecturer in tough competition.

Commitment and drive into the future

It is almost thirty years ago since Tommy Lakso wrote his first course for jazz ensemble in the early 80's when he was music consultant at ABF's music school in Malmberget. At that time he was very active in the network Bluebird, which is a label on jazzensemblerna at music schools in the county, but the commitment and spirit he still has with him

- In addition to continuing as an educator, I feel it now if ever is the time to really write the books I so long had in my mind's desk.