David Myhr

Albumrelease by David Myhr

Fourteen years has past since lecturer David Myhr released an albym, then together with the band The Merrymakers. But now he releases his solo album Soundshine

Photo: Amy Walters

Soundshine is David Myhrs debut as a solo artist. He released a few albums with The Merrymakers in the 90s

- It's super fun to be "published" as they say in the academic world. I'm a teacher now, and have started talking about my music as "art". I never did that before, but I think it's time we take pop and rock music as seriously as the creation of so-called "Western art music" or jazz.

The majority of the songs on the album is was originally written to have a material to work with when he acted as guest producer on the studioprogram at LTU. The education includes many musical styles and genres of pop / rock / jazz field. Various guest teachers, musicians, sound engineers and producers of international class make frequent visits to the school.

- I'm incredibly happy and proud, and even at my age, I feel like I did twenty years ago; that I have accomplished a piece of music that "all must hear." That's the way it should feel in your stomach when you've written a bunch of songs, says David Myhr

For David's part, it is really important to do both. He says that he keeps the spark and update their skills by being an active musician, both artistically and industrially.

- That I get to meet young, hungry and talented students is also a great boost for myself and I am reminded that what was true for five-ten years ago is not necessarily true today, reflects David Myhr

David Myhr invites his students to do many things so that some aspects of professionalism can fund other. A good combination, he says, is such joy to both make music and teach music. To be inspired and to inspire is a great combination!

- Take advantage of that you are a student! This is when you are at their best! Paul McCartney wrote "Yesterday" when he was 22 years old. You are young, hungry, curious and have a desire to experiment! You also have the world's expertise around you as your fellow students. Write songs! Record! Test! Find new collaborations every week. Explore! Evolve! Play!, Says David Myhr with a smile.