New students in place in Piteå

Published: 16 August 2017

With a new academic year, new students will also come. This year's students arrived at the Music School at Luleå University of Technology during Wednesday morning and was welcomed by the university's employees.

- It's incredibly fun to see all the new faces here today. In many ways, this is the first day of your new life. Many of you are not from the immediate area and may wonder how it will go, but I promise you everything will be good, said Patrik Häggqvist, head of undergraduate education at the Department of Art, Communication and Learning.

Make the world better

The approximately 100 new students received information from teachers, colleagues, and administrative staff during the day. Patrik Häggqvist advised the students to adopt a generous approach to the study time.

- Be generous to classmates and teachers, it will facilitate, both for you and us employees, a favorable climate at school. The ambition is, nevertheless, that you will be part of making our world a bit better.

The new students will study the courses for audio technology, music, artistic candidate, audience-based music creation, journalism and media, dance teacher and music teacher.

Photo: Lars Andersson
Photo: Lars Andersson
Photo: Lars Andersson